January 02, 2024
Catalan fashion is committed to sustainability
As part of the Circular Fashion Pact of Catalonia, six fashion brands and eight companies from the Catalan textile industry will start a project for the industrialization of the value chain of post-consumer recycled textiles. This initiative will be carried out with subsidies from the Generalitat de Catalunya and its waste agency.
Desember 29, 2023
14 Catalan companies coordinate to escale to up the industrialization and revaluation of textile waste
With the focus on moving towards an increasingly real and full new circular industrial model for the fashion and textile industry, a total of 14 Catalan companies, among which are the fashion firms Mango, Simorra, Sita Murt and System Action have decided to coordinate and join forces, with the launch of a project aimed at the industrialization of post-consumer textile waste revaluation processes within the value chain of the fashion industry.
April 21, 2023
Ariadna Cererols, from luxury to cotton swabs
The general director of the textile recycling company Triturats la Canya joined the family business ten years ago. Previously, the director had developed his career among luxury brands, the segment that most allowed him to work in the relationship with the client. Ariadna Cererols began her career in Paris and worked for firms such as Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton.
March 03, 2023
Ariadna Cererols: "Until 2030 we will not see postconsumer recycling at scale"
The director of Triturats La Canya, a century-old pioneering company in textile recycling in Spain, believes that there is still a decade to go before the use of post-consumer textiles becomes part of the consumer's day-to-day life, "being optimistic", she points out.
March 01, 2023
Integra begins to insert people at risk of social exclusion into companies in La Garrotxa
This February, Integra started a new path in the employment of people with intellectual disabilities and at risk of social exclusion in La Garrotxa. After signing an agreement with a human resources company last year, it is now taking a step further and will be the same entity that will insert the users. It will do so with the help of Triturats la Canya, a fabric recycling company.
We are preparing for the next textile revolution
Founded in 1929, Triturats La Canya has become a pioneering company in the recovery of all kinds of pre-consumer textile materials. Thanks to its experience and technical knowledge of recovered textiles, the company is currently working on a new line that will allow the recovery and valorization of post-consumer textiles.
March 21, 2022
AEI Textiles leads a successful business mission in Mexico together with its European partners
AEI Tèxtils organized a mission to Mexico from March 28 to April 1 together with its European partners of the Texglobal project, in which nine European textile companies, three Catalan, members of the cluster participated: Triturats La Canya , Cinpasa and C.P. Aluart