Textile fibre recovery to drive CIRCULARITY

A century of excellence in textile fibre recovery, without using water, chemicals or dyes

Process developed in accordance with EU regulations

Driving circularity since 1929

High-quality recycled fibres produced from textile waste

A process based on CIRCULARITY.
CIRCULARITY enables us to reuse resources and change how they are produced and used.

The goal is to recover and reuse the raw material.

An innovative model that puts an end to the linear process of traditional consumption and production chains.

An opportunity for a more sustainable world.

TLC works with multiple CIRCULARITY

A MULTIPLE CIRCULARITY vs. traditional linear process

We recycle postindustrial, preconsumer and postconsumer fibres


Mechanical defibreing
We select, prepare and produce the textile fibres mechanically.
We do not use water in our defibreing process.
We are experts in creating colour without using dyes or colorants.
We do not use chemicals.

Committed to sustainability
since 1929