Driving CIRCULARITY since 1929

One hundred years of circularity

With more than a century of experience, we are present on the international markets.

We are a leading company in textile fibre recovery.
We are committed to CIRCULARITY as a driver for change to preserve our planet's biodiversity.

We give priority to maximum quality, production capacity, versatility and high adaptability to market demands.
Foundation of the company to meet the need of local spinning mills to recover their production waste.
Second generation.
Sale of textile fibres begins.
Third generation.
The machinery is modernised and the company is expanded to cater for the increase in the demand for textiles.
Fourth generation.
The company opens to new sectors to meet the different needs and applications of textile fibres.
Technology change.
Creation of the CIRCULARITY unit.
New corporate image.
We have been recovering textiles mechanically for the last 100 years, without using water, chemicals or dyes.